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Foods to Avoid During

1.      Alcohol

This is very much necessary that you avoid alcoholic material. Alcohol harshly damage baby and obstruct her development. Alcohol stops the necessary oxygen and nutrients for your baby. It may also develop fetal alcohol syndrome, Means it caused harsh mental and physical side effects.


2.      Aspartame

This is a calorie-free carrot and it is used is soft drink and food product. Moreover aspartame is also found is candies. If aspartame will use for long terms may result of cancer and ummunotoxicity. Therefore avoid aspartame during pregnancy. This is best advise to use the natural carrot like honey in your food in replacement of aspartame.

3.      Fish High in Mercury & PCBs

For a healthy pregnancy diet fish play an importance role. Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which is suitable for building your baby’s brain and nervous system. But there is certain fish like tilefish, shark, swordfish and king mackerel contain high level of methyl mercury. Which can damage and caused development problem for your baby, therefore it is necessary to avoid those fishes contain methyl mercury and take only 10 ounces a week to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Moreover, farm raised fish is also play a dangerous role for pregnant women because it contain polycarbonated biphenyls (PCBs), environmental toxins which can cause neurological disorders and fetal development problems.

4.      Un-Pasteurized Food and Beverages

Pasteurized is milk product remove the hazard of bacteria especially listeria therefore milk products are made of pasteurized milk. But now a day large numbers of milk product are made of un-pasteurized milk and contain listeria in small quantity. This form of bacteria is the main root caused of 2000 illness in every year. This bacteria have also being affect on pregnant women. This is very much necessary to avoid from Un-Pasteurized Food and Beverages

5.      Raw Eggs

Salmonella found is raw eggs which can cause food poisoning and the salmonella bacteria also cause diarrhea and vomiting, moreover it also stress your baby and caused preterm labor. To protect yourself from salmonella poisoning avoid raw eggs and food containing raw eggs like homemade ice cream, Caesar salad dressing, eggnog, hollandaise sauce and cookie batter

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