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Five iOS apps I’d like to see in the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is launching on January 6, 2011, Apple has confirmed. The screenshot on the Apple site makes it clear that Apple’s iLife and iWork suites will be for sale but what about apps that aren’t already available for the Mac? These are our pick of the iOS apps that would be ideal on the Mac.


One of the flaws in Apple’s iBooks e-reader app is that books can only be bought from within the app, which means using your iOS device. Unlike the rest of the content Apple sells, books can’t be bought within iTunes. If you’re at your laptop and want to buy a book, or just check whether it’s available, that’s not very convenient. A Mac app would solve that problem. Some people might even use it to read books!

Twitter’s official iPhone app used to be called Tweetie, before Twitter acquired it. Tweetie has a Mac version too but it’s fallen way behind the other desktop Twitter clients and lacks many of their features. It still looks great, though, and an updated version would be most welcome.

One of the best RSS readers for the iOS platform, Reeder is already being built for the Mac so it’s a safe bet to assume we’ll see it in the Mac App Store soon, even if it isn’t ready for launch.

You can set your Sky+ box to record on the web but Sky’s app is so simple that I’d really like a small version that could pop up from my toolbar whenever I realise that I’ve forgotten to record a TV show.

iA Writer
Sometimes when you just want to write, a distraction-free environment without the clutter of word processor toolbars and whatnot, is just what you need. iA Writer provides that on the iPad. A Mac version would probably end up being the app in which I did most of my writing.

And as a special bonus… there’s one Mac app that I really want on iOS

This is a great blogging app that I use for writing posts on all three of my WordPress blogs. Having an iPad version would be fantastic, not least because the official WordPress app for the iPad is so terrible that it’s unusable.

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