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Final Harry Potter Trailer Is “Epic”

llows: Part 2 has just been released. “This trailer accomplishes exactly what it needed to–it sends the message that all bets are off and that the stakes have never been higher.


I know we label everything as ‘epic’ these days, but is there a better term to describe some of these set-pieces?”

raves ScreenRant. Here’s another vote for “epic,” from MTV Movies Blog: “The trailer was ripe full of great scenes like Snape’s flashbacks (of Lily especially), the battle at Hogwarts and all our favorite characters like Tonks and Molly Weasley that we haven’t seen in far too long.

Epic would be an understatement in describing this one.” “This is going to give some kids nightmares. And nightmares are great,” writes Hecklerspray. Film School Rejects wonders about part of the trailer: “I don’t seem to remember Harry doing a tandem base jump with Voldemort and without a parachute. Is that something new? Maybe a fake-out scene that won’t actually be in the movie? Maybe part of the last, big squaring off?”

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