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imageWhat is the entertainment? Anyone knows its actual meaning? Most of us use this word lot of times in a day whenever we want to do something for enjoyment or passing our spear time. some people like music to pass their time they considered that it is an entertainment for them and may they also enjoy it . Many of us , like book reading in their spear times, collecting different thing, some time a long drive or the company of a good friend could be an entertainment of a person.
But in my point of view, Its not the entertainment. To enjoy the accessories of your life whatever they could be, music , dating, reading, dancing, gardening, watching movies, company of friends, you have to find the actual needs of you that could entertain you. May be you might think that a soft song of old era may relax you and may entertain you but after hearing that song you still feel unsatisfied. Why? It is because, you have passed your time but you were mentally disturbed at that time. Their must be a thought or depression which were more strong then you estimate.
For real entertainment, you have to understand your self that what you really need. your inner satisfaction can produce the really entertainment for you with the many little opportunities that you have with the label of the “entertainment” in your life.

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