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Dr. Oz Health Tips

imageAre you looking for amazing health tips? Dr. Oz health tips include noshing on the best foods for your brain, how to breath correctly in yoga to discovering what types of mildew and bacteria live in your kitchen sponge. For even more amazing tips from amazing experts check out. His show first aired in the fall of 2009. His health tips are all about you and your health! The style of the show is just like him fun, full of energy and surprises! Dr. Oz goes to great lengths to make sure you feel safe and informed after asking a question. His show also has a “Ask Dr. Oz” section where he covers everything from relationships, money, sexual health and breast cancer. Get ready to have your door knocked on because Dr. Oz is traveling across America to help people improve their life.

1. Health Tip — Eat Breakfast

Getting your fiber in the morning results in less hunger later in the day and reduces your cravings for sugar. For breakfast Dr. Oz eats steel-cut oatmeal often with walnuts flaxseed oil and raisins. Eating breakfast also fires up your metabolism for the rest of the day. Guess what? That’s right– people who eat breakfast are also thinner than people who skip it.

2. Heath Tip — Floss Floss Floss

Unless the only thing you plan on eating in your golden years is applesauce get flossing. You could brush all day and still not reach the entire area of your teeth. Hygiene isn’t the only hazard. You increase you risk of heart disease with lingering bacteria. Dr. Oz uses Ultraclean floss because it strectches to glide between teeth.

3. Heath Tip — Drink Green tea

Dr. Oz drinks green tea three times a day. It’s loaded with heart-boosting and cancer-fighting polyphenols that’s missing in black tea. (These polyphenols are destroyed when it’s fermented.)

4. Heath Tip — Breath Deeply

Why? Because your lungs will fill with nitric oxide, a chemical located at the back of your nose that dialates blood vessals. Here’s how: push out your stomach and inhale air through your nose to fill your lungs. This level of oxygen will make you more alert and feel happier. This is one of Dr. Oz’s secret strategies to calm himself before his show.

5. Heath Tip — Go yoga

Yeah I know — I know yoga looks like a bunch of people tied up like pretzels and some of that stuff looks like it would really hurt. Och! but stick with me. Yoga is Dr. Oz’s most important excercise of the day. He says being surrounded with beautiful women in spandex should be a BIG enough reason to join a class but if you need more inspiration factor this: Yoga reduces stress, reduces bloodpressure,reduces heart and rate adds flexibility. Dr. Oz’s favorite move is the sun salutation.

6. Heath Tip — Get Your Sleep!

jay Leno is funny, but your health is more important. Seven hours of sleep a night not only helps you live longer, but also improves your memory, reduces your stress and reduces cravings for foods that can make you bust out of your pants. Get on a regular bedtime schedule.

7. Heath Tip — Colorize Your Diet

Taste the color of the of the rainbow. No I don’t mean skittles– I mean nine fistfuls of vibrantly colored vegetables and fuits every day. These foods don’t just look pretty– they are loaded with powerful compounds carotenoids and flavonoids that bind the destructive free radicals in your body reducing inflammation. Dr. Oz claims these foods are often more powerful than pharmacy drugs. His favorites are blueberries and arugula.

8. health Tip — Control your Health

Your doctor can support your health but the greatest responsibilty is yours. You should always get a second opion because according to Dr. Oz 30 percent of the time that opinon it will change the plan or diagnosis. Learn about any family medical concerns and keep a written medical history. Consider Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault so your your files are accessible if you are ever far from home and in danger.

9. health Tip — Seek Love and Support

Do you know why women live longer than men? Talking about their problems with there tight networks is one BIG reason. Don’t face life’s challenges alone or it will age you. Bankruptcy is one heartbreak that can cause tremendous stress on your body. With enough love and support you can slow this aging process.

10. health Tip — Forget fad diets

“The secret to weight loss is not to avoid carbs, fats, yellow foods, solid foods, or foods that start with the letter G. The real trick is to lower your daily intake by about 100 calories. You’ll hardly notice, but it’ll add up to a loss of about 10 pounds in a year. Calorie restriction has been shown to lengthen life (in rats and monkeys).” Dr. Oz reduces his calories once a year to reset his appetite and tastebuds. This makes healthy food taste great!

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