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Customize Your Windows 7 Login Screen

imageLot of us get bored by the same windows login screen.Here I would show you how to customize your windows 7 login screen,customization Is pretty easy and fun to do.With a few  tools, you can easily customize your windows 7 login screen.

First change your windows 7 login screen background.This would be done using Logon Editor which is software for customizing your login screen background, and a wallpaper of your choice.

Once you have that software.install and run the software,there you would see an option says “Background Image” along with a “Browse” button. click that the background image of your choice,hit ok.This will change your background.This app also allow you to change the layout of your username and change a few styles.

If you want to change the branding and replace it with your have to have a tool called Windows 7 Branding Changer and your own branding image which should be 361×58 in size.if the branding image cross that size limit than the image will look awkward.

to replace the branding image,install and run the windows 7 branding changer app,click load picture choose the image you want to use for your branding, and then click “Apply.” You’re done!

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