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Could Spending More Time With Friends And Family

image“Sue, I’m sorry.  I don’t know how to tell you this, but you have Cancer… maybe 18-months to live”

Once the news hit, Sue signed early retirement papers and sold the house.

She moved to Florida to be closer to her kids and grand-babies…

She started mentoring inner city kids and helping them get into college… something she never had time for in the past.

Friends and family made it a point to spend more time with her… taking road trips and weekend getaways.

12-months later, she was back in the Doctor’s office…

“Sue – I can’t explain it, but you’re in complete remission”

Is it that far-fetched?

We’ve all heard stories that go something like this… could spending more time with friends and family help reverse chronic illness?

Is there any science to it?
Why locking yourself in the house could make you worse

Typically, when animals are critically injured in the wild they’ll run to a safe, secluded place and lie down.

They give their body the resources to start healing and in some cases, they’ll lay there for days without moving.  If the wound isn’t fatal, there’s usually a point when they know they need to get up and re-integrate with the herd….

But what’s fascinating is: once the injured animals get back with the herd; their wound tends to heal FASTER than when they were in isolation.

A 2003 PNEC study on the Social Facilitation of Wound Healing, found that:

“Social interactions buffer against stress and promote wound healing… The data imply that social isolation impairs wound healing”

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