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Computer Tips – Recognize spyware- the cyber bully

imageSpyware applications are cyber bullies that are a matter of awe for every internet user. By now we are well acquainted with the term Spyware and its adverse impacts but often fail to recognize its existence. Below are a few computer tips that would help you recognize and diagnose whether your system has fallen prey to the malevolent Spyware:

Limitless pop-up windows crop up
Your browser takes you to different websites other than the one typed by you
Unknown toolbars suddenly start displaying on your web browser
Unknown and strange icons appears all of a sudden in the task tray at the bottom of your screen
Sudden change in the Browser home page layout without the user having changed it
Browser opens a different search engine when you click on “search”
Certain keys in your browser happens to freeze all of a sudden like the tab key fails to function while moving to the next field within a form, etc
Windows error messages display on the screen at a random
Computer experiences a sudden slow down while opening programs or processing tasks like saving files, etc

In case your system is displaying such symptoms, do not panic, but contact a reliable online tech support provider and get your system secured through various readily available measures. iGennie technical services, if conferred would be of immense help to help you get rid of such spyware applications and help you regain the sound health of your system.

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