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Computer Networking Tips

imageComputer Networking TipsBack in the old days networking computers was just not heard of in the normal household, however now we all need computer networking tips, as we are all involved with some type of networking in one way or another. An average household had one computer with one internet dial-up connection and that was it. Can you image having this now?

Simple computer networking tips that are listed below will give you the skills that were previously only reserved for the professionals. Networking skills have become an important part of computing as now most households have more than one computer all linked to the same Internet connection.
What is a network?

A simple definition of network is a series of points that are connected to create communication between other computers and devices. They may be connected by network cables or by a wireless signal. Depending on how far these networks extend, they are labeled a LAN, MAN, or WAN network.

LAN: (local area network) A group of computers that share a common connection and are usually in a small area. For example an office or home network.

MAN: (metropolitan area network) This is a larger network that connects computer users in a particular geographic area or region. For example a large university may have a network so large that it may be classified as a MAN.
It is far larger than a LAN and smaller than a WAN. Also large cities like London and Sydney, Australia have metropolitan area networks.

WAN: (wide area network) This is the largest network and can interconnect networks throughout the world.

As I previously mentioned, computer networking was previously reserved for a professional setup usually in a corporate or business workplace. However now days even the average everyday household with a mere two computers has most certainly networked them in order to share files and an internet connection. This is why we all will find these computer networking tips and definitions a valuable tool. We also have some network video tutorials available which are sometimes easier to learn with.
Computer Networking Tips – What Can I Learn?

In the following tutorials you will learn how to set up your own home computer network, network computers so you can share files, wireless computer networking setup, and even network security. If you have a computer that is connected to the Internet through a router or even another computer, you really need to take note of these networking tips. Computer networking can be as simple as connecting two computers to one modem or a full office full of computers sharing the same Internet connection.

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