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cannot delete lpt3. Folder deleting error

cannot delete lpt3. This folder was created by Flash Disinfector : cannot find the specified file. make sure you specify the correct path and file name.”
see the image below for the error.


elow. if u are ocuuring this problem follow the procedure to overcome this error.

This error mainly creates with the Flash Disinfector tool. And in the My computer in all drives a folder was created as “autorun.inf” and this folder cannot be delted….

Follow these steps:
1. First Open the Notepad by clicking Start button –> All Programs –> Accesories –> Notepad.
2. Copy the text as shown bold in the below to your Notepad.

set drv=C:\
attrib -A -H -S -R %drv%\autorun.inf
del \\.\%drv%\autorun.inf\”lpt3.Folder is locked Inspired by Flash_Disinfector”
rd %drv%\autorun.inf

3. Now Save this File as remove_fd.bat to your Desktop {For saving the File –> click File menu –> Save as Option as file type : All files in Notepad}.
4. Then close the Notepad.
5. Then u will see a remove_fd.bat file as Dos file in Desktop.
6. Double Click on the remove_fd. wait for the window appears.
7. Now u can delete the autorun.inf easily, buy normal delete. it can be successfully delete from your system.

In the above the file is saving in desktop because the autorun.inf folder was located in C: Drive.
so Desktop refers to C drive.
If u want to Remove the folder in the other drives save the file in the specified drive which u have to remove.
and change the letter as D: or E: or F: and soo on in the starting of the file.

I am posting the recover of this error because recently this error has attacked my PC also. I had easily sloved it by follwing the procedure.
If the file is not deleting mail to me the solution i will clarify it.

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