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buy for your computer Hard Drive tips

Buy Computer Hard Drive Tips


Computer hard drive
Computer hard drive Buy Tips

Introduction of Hard Disk

Today hard disk is most commonly used storage device in personal computers and laptop computers. Mostly application program and operation systems require hard disk for installation and operation. That is way it is very important to verify When purchasing a hard disk drive, this hard disk drive is suitable for your uses and has or does not have the options you may or may not need.


Interface of the hard disk

There are many types (interface) of hard disks available in the market for example IDE/ATA,SCSI,External hard drive. That is why first decide your need is internal or external hard drives. When looking to purchase a hard disk drive the first it is important consideration is the Interface the hard disk drive uses to communicate with the computer .

IDE/ATA This type of hard disk is used with IBM compatible computers, and very easy to install in a computer. Each IBM computer has the availability for a maximum of four IDE devices, for example IDE hard disk , CD drive and DVD drive.

SCSI The SCSI interface is generally a better and  faster solution when compared to IDE/ATA but this solution is not best for common user only best for server level machine.  however in some cases can be more difficult to install. To install a SCSI hard disk drive you must have a SCSI card and an available connection on the SCSI cable connecting to the SCSI card.

External Hard disk There are many solutions are also available; these include, USB Hard disk drive, Fire wire Hard disk drive and Parallel Hard disk drive. The main benefit with external hard disk, you can move it where you want very easily. Mostly external hard disk is used for data backup and change the physical location of data.

Other considerations

Here are some important considerations to look at when purchasing a computer new hard disk  drive:

Speed:  Hare disk speed is playing an important role when your consider a computer speed. The accessing speed of hard disk is also very high as compare to other storage devices. It is from 5 to 15 MBps. The platters of hard disk rotate from 3000 to 10,000 revolution per min.

Warranty:  How long is the warranty and what does it cover.

Support : Is the technical support number a free number is it open 24 hours 7 days a week.

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