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Britney Spears’ Harper’s Bazaar June 2011

She’s had her highs and she definitely had her lows. But now, Britney Spears is definitely having a moment! She’s turned out to be one of the most treasured entertainers and all that despite her tumultuous life which many of us couldn’t have pulled out anyway, forget doing all that in the public’s eye!

Seeing Britney happy again, smiling bright, is like saying there’s sunshine even after the darkest sky. She’s a living example and inspiration to so many! Harper’s Bazaar decided it was time to give her a cover girl time so there she is, as photographed by Alex Lubomirski. Don’t worry if you don’t really recognize her in the pictures, it must be part of the reinvention thing – she has a new album coming up plus the promotional summer tour! What do you think about the skate theme of the shooting? Doesn’t it remind you of Avril Lavigne a little? (there’s also an interview with Britney in this HB issue and you can check the online version here)

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