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BRAND STAR ENTERTAINMENT, Tips on Internet Security

Brand Star Entertainments, The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television Presents Tips on Internet Security
(Pompano Beach, FL ) – The Internet is breaking down barriers in many ways, creating unlimited opportunities for kids to play and learn. But we, as parents, need to be smart about monitoring how they enter and interact in this vast virtual playground. BrandStar’s The Balancing Act TV show on Lifetime Television presents Marie Hattar, Vice President, Network Systems and Security Solutions for Cisco, a company that is a leader in Internet security and networking. Hattar discusses simple actions we can take to keep our kids safe online. The segment will air July 2nd and in the weeks that follow.

Perhaps the most important concept for young people to grasp is the fact that there is no such thing as privacy on the Internet. “They should never share personal information online,” Hattar says. “It’s important to monitor their Internet usage closely.”

Hattar also suggests spending a few minutes reviewing the privacy options already provided by the devices and applications you want to use (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, browser, email, cell phone, and even the Wii).

Do you know which websites you can trust? Hattar urges you to “look for ESRB and TRUSTe seals of approval.”

“You can also block web sites you deem inappropriate with Home Network Defender powered by Trend Micro,” Hattar says. “It allows you to set personalized rules – even restricting Internet access at specific times.”

“Because Home Network Defender is a separate device on your home network,” she notes, “it helps outsmart even the most tech-savvy kids from altering controls and permissions on their PCs while also helping to protect inexperienced Internet users from inadvertently visiting compromising sites.”

This is the kind of reassurance parents need to feel comfortable about kids’ web surfing habits,” said Doug Campbell, Executive Vice President for BrandStar Entertainment, the producers of The Balancing Act TV show. “Every viewer with children can take a lesson from it.”

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