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BitTorrent Tips and Tricks

Get a Router


If your computer is connected directly to a DSL or cable modem, you might want to hold off on any file sharing. Place a router with a built-in firewall between your computer and Internet connection, and set up port forwarding, which can speed up a BitTorrent client’s performance. This will help minimize the chances of someone hacking into your system.

Use Your Browser

You don’t have to download a dedicated client to use BitTorrent. Point your Web browser to BitLet and type in the Torrent file’s URL in the box. It’s perfect for the times when you aren’t at your home computer.

Use a Thumb Drive

If the Web-based BitLet’s barebones nature won’t cut it, you can launch the popular, full-featured BitTorrent client Ã?µTorrent off a USB thumbdrive. Simply download the app onto a portable drive, and access Ã?µTorrent from there.

Schedule Your Uploads and Downloads

If you are using Ã?µTorrent, take advantage of the Scheduler feature. You can set downloads and uploads during specific times of the day when you aren’t using your computer for other tasks. This ensures you allocate your Internet’s bandwidth appropriately. Go to Options > Preferences > Scheduler to set it up.

Serve Files From a NAS

Some external network-attached-storage devices offer features that cater specifically to BitTorrent users. The Fantom Drives G-Force Megadisk NAS MDN1000, for example, lets you enable it for unattended BitTorrent downloads and create maximum upstream and downstream bandwidth thresholds.

Check Seeds and Peers

When you’re downloading, be on the lookout for torrents with the best seed/peer ratio. The more peers trying to access a file, the slower your download will go.

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