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Best tips for heart Health

Heart is very much important organ in human’s body. It transports the heart within body.

The heart reins the supply of oxygenated blood and the removal of carbon dioxide. When the heart is not working correctly the health of your whole body is in danger. Having a healthy heart is very important to have a happy and fit life. To keep your heart healthy follow these measures.

Avoid table salt and start using sea salt. Instead use herbs and spices to add flavor.
Improve your diet. It is not important that you avoid butter and start using margarine but the important is this your food must be healthy and complete all elements needed by healthy person must be in your food.
Use coconut oil as it increase HDL that is good for heart health.
Exercise is a good thing to avoid heart attack. It keeps blood flow regular.
Avoid mental stress as stress is the biggest danger to heart health.
Smoking and drinking are really injurious to heart. Stop these.
Take a proper sleep as less sleep cause tiresome. This fatigue is not good for health.

Heart is really a vital organ. You must do any things which you can do to keep it safe and healthy as its health is proving of your good life.

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