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Benefits of Technology

imageThe far-reaching benefits of technology, may be considered to be one that comes at the heavy cost of environment degradation by some, but its indispensable utility cannot be denied by anyone. In a competition driven society, for an economy to thrive it is mandatory that it embraces technological and industrial advancements. From the physics lab one visits as a child, to the fax machines or printers one sees in their office when they grow up and the television that remains a feature of their household from childhood to adulthood are all benefits of technology.

Monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic machinery required for the good functioning of a medical clinic is a result of the fast advancing world of technology.

Technology aids globalism and international relations not just by means of connecting them through multinational industries, but also through the effective means of communication internet establishes between the different countries.Even environmentalists who argue that the disadvantages of technology outweigh its benefits forget that technology has indeed tried to help their cause too. Sewage treatment plants, scrubbers meant to trap gaseous pollutants and water purification plants are one of the the things that bind technology and environment together.

While a woman finds it easier to do her everyday job of cleaning her home by he use of a vacuum cleaner, lie detectors help the job of law enforcers. Technology touches everything, from the microscopes in school classrooms to the point-trackers in tennis courts. While students avail the e-library to complete a new assignment, disc-jockeys turntable with the help of technology. Path-breaking discoveries and inventions are aided by technology while hundreds make use of ts benefits in shopping, banking or even paying their bills. The numerous benefits thus outnumber the disadvantages of technology by a a long shot.

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