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A Lifestyle that Cures Illness

imageIs it possible to live a lifestyle that cures and prevents illness?

I believe it is possible. It requires an understanding and ACCEPTANCE of nature’s provision and God’s true design for life. And in today’s modern, technological, information overload, fast paced, convenience driven world, that can be hard to attain.

Look at the nutritional element of nature’s provision. Refined foods have become the norm. Dare I say, most of us have no genuine understanding of real food anymore. The fact is, that as we pass the expansive mid-west corn and wheat fields thinking that we are viewing nature at its finest, we are unaware that what we are actually viewing is in all likelihood altered by man. The tampering begins in the fields and continues to the shelf delivering us, the unsuspecting consumer, a product that is merely a shadow of what was intended for our consumption. The end result is not far short of nutritional suicide.

We then must look at the element of natural boundaries. Our modern fast paced, stressful, 24/7 lifestyles in which we are like hamsters on a wheel; running as hard as we can to get somewhere, a destination we don’t honestly know exists, and getting absolutely nowhere at all achieves a false sense of wellness but actually more successfully creates exhaustion for our bodies and our immune systems.

We think we have achieved great advancements in our standards of living; that we have grown exponentially in our knowledge of the human body and our needs; that life has become so much easier and more efficient than or ancestors. Truth is, we may be among the most deceived cultures in history and whether we are willing to admit it or not, we are paying a price that is far too high through obesity, illness, and diseases caused by weakened immune systems from inferior foods, high stress, out of balance lifstyles.

Only when we open our eyes to the truth that we are products of nature; that nature has made abundant and perfect provision for us; that nature has given us healthy boundaries for well lives can we then begin to transition from the deceptive trap that has imprisoned most of us.

So, wellness that cures and prevents illness becomes about a lifestyle. It’s not found in a low fat, fat free, low carb, sugar free diet. It’s not found in a fitness plan or a vacation. Nor is it found in a low stress job. Wellness is found and enjoyed in the collaboration of all the elements of nature’s provision. Those are real foods, physical activity and a life lived within natural boundaries.

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