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7 Tweaks to Make Your Computer Faster

imageThe speed of the computer you use can have a great deal of impact on how fast your internet is, both negatively and positively. If you need to enjoy faster broadband internet access, aside going with the right ISP it is important that you also have an active and properly optimized computer. This article will be giving you a list of some basic, but important changes you should make that will have a significant impact on your computer and internet speed.

1. Reduce Desktop Icons: A lot of computers are cluttered and this will not help as it will make the computers slower. Just compare your computer to when you just bought it and you will notice a great difference in speed and effectiveness. If you know you can’t be formatting your hard drive every time it is important to do your best to reduce the number of icons on your desktop to the barest minimum.

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications: How many applications do you have installed on your computer? 50? 100? 200? How many do you use on a regular basis? It probably would be less than 20. Just take a look at this and you will see how much you have been losing in terms of speed, effectiveness and productivity by having all those applications on your computer. Every application you install has a great deal of impact on your computer and it also uses memory and space which means there will be less resources for your main applications. Take a look at your computer now, remove every unnecessary applications and you will notice an increase both in computer and internet speed.

3. Take Care of Outdated Software: It is one thing to have your computer system cluttered with unnecessary applications and it is another thing to have your computer filled with outdated software. The downside of a system with many unnecessary applications is waste of memory space but the downside of a system with many outdated software is insecurity and the possibility of being hacked. You will be doing a great deal to protect your computer by ensuring you keep all your software applications updated.

4. Use a Robust and Latest Antivirus: Just like sickness is to man, virus is the worst enemy of a computer. You won’t be able to get the best from your computer if you’re just using any kind of antivirus that pleases you and it is also important to be updating your antivirus regularly if you’re using the right one because viruses are always developing and a 2005 antivirus won’t be able to prevent your system against a 2011 virus.make your computer faster See out review of virus removal software.

5. Always Shut down your Computer Properly: Aside from your system being infected by a virus another thing that can have a major effect on your computer is if your system files become corrupt. There are several things that can cause your system files to corrupt but the most common of them all is you not shutting down your computer properly. Always ensure you shut down your computer using the options available in your operating system, it will save you a great deal of time and money on the long run.

6. Have the Latest Hardware: Just like your computer software, having outdated hardware can also make your system vulnerable. If you really want to get the best from your computer you need to ensure you’re always doing your best to make sure you purchase and use the latest hardware components produced by your computer manufacturer.

7. Organize Your Downloads: This is another important thing for internet users, especially for those who download a lot on the internet. Don’t just download applications to your desktop or to any section of your computer you feel like. Always organize your downloads by making sure you create a special folder for any of your internet downloads. In fact you should organize your files on your computer on a regular basis and try to stick to that.

This guest article is written by Paul who writes about how to choose the right internet dongle.

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