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3 Ways Windows Defender

Microsoft has always been criticized for the security of Windows. The company’s isn’t deaf or blind, however, and over the years has added numerous features to its latest Windows operating systems in an attempt to shed this bad reputation. This includes applications like Windows Action Center, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Windows Defender.


Windows Defender is a built-in anti-spyware application. It is not an antivirus, for the most part, although it does have a limited ability to find and remove security threats. Its main function is to find and delete spyware that might slow your PC. Let’s take a look at what Windows Defender has to offer.

Anti-Spyware Protection


The main purpose of anti-spyware software is to protect from spyware, and alas, that’s what Windows Defender does! Like most such programs, the primary method of protection is the good old-fashioned scan. There are three options available in Windows Defender – quick scan, full scan and custom scan. The quick scan and full scan features behave as you’d expect, while the custom scan lets you scan specific drives and folders instead of your entire PC.


As is the case with many free anti-spyware applications, in-depth reviews are hard to come by. Back in 2007, CENT reviewed Windows Defender and found that it was actually very effective for a free solution, but it fell far behind the best paid software. Other tests were harder on Windows Defender, but again, they date to 2007. What is certain that some anti-spyware protection is better than none. Just be sure not to confuse this with an antivirus, because it isn’t meant to be one, and doesn’t provide (much) protection against such malware.

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