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Oslo attack killer parked his car bomb at door of prime minister’s office

Anders Behring Breivik parked the van carrying a half-ton bomb a few feet from the foyer of the Norwegian prime minister’s office – the equivalent of abandoning a vehicle on the steps of 10 Downing Street – it emerged on Thursday.

Guards saw the bomber parking directly under the entrance canopy but did not challenge him as he was wearing a police uniform. Two minutes later, the bomb went off.

The disclosure follows the admission earlier this week that Breivik came to the attention of Norway’s intelligence services in March after buying a large quantity of chemicals from a Polish company but nothing was done. It also emerged yesterday that Breivik had been an active member of an Oslo shooting club since last year.

Police have kept secret for operational reasons what is known about Breivik’s exact movements in the run-up to the bombing in Oslo and shooting rampage in Utoya island that killed at least 76 people last Friday.

But Teknisk Ukeblad – an engineering publication – obtained readouts from the city’s congestion charge system that registered the movements of two vehicles hired by Breivik. Norway has one of the most advanced systems of road tolls in the world, with a network of sensors and cameras around major cities.

Breivik built the bomb that brought devastation to the centre of Oslo in the remote farmhouse he had leased 100 miles from the capital. It appears that he bought 32 litres of aviation fuel from two different stores last September. It can be used as an ingredient in a bomb.

Last week, Brevik hired a Volkswagen Crafter van and a Fiat Doblo minivan, planning to use the VW to carry the bomb and the Fiat as his getaway vehicle.

According to sources, a roadside sensor at Ulven on the east side of Oslo registered the VW van passing into the city at 10pm on Wednesday, July 20. It is not known where it was parked.

The bomber took a train back to Rena, the village near his farmhouse, just after 1pm the next day and caught a taxi back to his home. The taxi driver remembers laughing and joking with him. At 11pm that night, the grey Fiat hired by the 32-year-old far-Right extremist was registered driving into Oslo to the east.

At 11am the next day, the Fiat was captured by a sensor at Skoyen, in west Oslo, a few minutes from the apartment of Breivik’s mother, driving into the centre. Four hours later, the VW passed the same spot. It was parked at the entrance to the prime minister’s office by 3.20pm, just two minutes before the bomb went off.

CCTV is said to show Breivik walking straight from the VW and getting into a car behind Marguerite Church.

Police have refused to disclose the exact spot where Breivik left the bomb but photographs of the blast site released yesterday show a crater directly outside the doors of the building.

The blast penetrated a basement below the courtyard. Experts believe that had there not been a basement, the whole building would have collapsed.

Police said they had completed their search of Utoya and that the body of the final missing person – a woman from Georgia – had been found.

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